The Kambio platform is a next-generation, blockchain-enabled and fully regulated marketplace for tokenized asset-backed securities: a capital markets platform delivering primary capital funding and secondary exchange liquidity for investors, entrepreneurs and institutions; a unique funding platform delivering exclusive co-investment opportunities, with end-to-end institutional-led curation; and a dedicated community ecosystem – built on active participation, knowledge-sharing and investment empowerment.
Our platform will provide start-ups with comprehensive capital funding from a broad universe of Institutional and Qualified Investors. Each start-up will be listed on a private regulated London exchange with built-in liquidity management. Finally, all assets will be secured within a bank-grade custody and accounts platform with global application process for Qualified Investors.  
Whilst the current capital markets value chain undoubtedly works and is fully regulated, it is arguably not that fair and certainly not efficient. The adoption of blockchain technologies would allow us to convincingly solve many problems along the value chain and in turn: help democratise venture capital, reinvent capital markets and create a safer, better informed marketplace with much more liquidity for start-ups.

Kambio Ventures has initiated preparatory legal and consulting opinions to formulate our regulatory strategy and secure full authorisation to conduct tokenised securities exchange services in several leading financial jurisdictions.

The requirements for an exchange are generally the same for any multilateral system that brings together third-party buying and selling interests in financial instruments in a way that results in a contract. Under article 18 of Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II), Kambio Ventures will establish transparent rules and procedures for fair and orderly trading. We will establish and publish clear and non-discriminatory access rules, be able to suspend instruments from trading, and maintain resilient systems to facilitate continuity of trading under stressed conditions.
Kambio Ventures will build a rich community based on a hub and satellite approach. A city hub will be developed and operated by Kambio. It will encompass local staff (management, research, legal and communications) and operate as a profit centre. City hubs will source new Members, new Start-ups, new institutional relationships and provide local news and content. city hubs may also develop nearby local satellites.
The Kambio Token (KMB) is a dedicated payment token that is native, flexible and unique to the Kambio platform by using the ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. The token is designed to empower and grow a venture capital community and support the delivery of a fully-regulated marketplace for start-ups. KMB is the main exchange mechanism within our ecosystem
The Kambio platform will enable fractionalisation through tokenisation of partial or full equity holdings in privately held companies across multiple jurisdictions. Each new token issuance will use a modified ERC20  smart contract . Our customised tokens will represent a security asset-back receipt (or “SABR”), where the underlying equity is held in a segregated custody holding. Each SABR will be listed for trading on the Kambio exchange that will record all anonymised transactions on the public Ethereum blockchain
Kambio Ventures’ platform will encompass four core business units that, when combined, will provide a seamless end-to-end solution for investors, entrepreneurs and institutions (collectively, “Members”)
  • Kambio Venture Capital. Our platform’s investment arm conducts due diligence of start-ups, invests proprietary capital, co-invests with Members and provides end-to-end investment curation.  
  • Kambio Capital Markets. Our platform’s exchange arm structures and lists new SABR issues and provides secondary exchange trading.
  • Kambio Treasury. Our platform’s custody, accounts and liquidity management arm secure and segregates Members’ assets and provides backstop market liquidity when necessary.
  •  Kambio Global Community. Our platform’s community outreach and Membership engagement arm rewards active participation, knowledge–sharing, pooled resources and investor empowerment.